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The road ahead can be uncertain. In life, no one knows what lies just around the bend. It's best to be proactive and be covered for those unexpected turns that life can take. Richardson Insurance works with a variety of insurance carriers to provide our customers with the highest quality of coverage in the areas that best suit their needs. We continue to strive to expand our service line based on our customers' interests and desires for coverage.


Since our founding, Richardson Insurance has been committed to providing outstanding customer service while nurturing longstanding relationships with our customers. We believe that our knowledge and integrity enable us to best serve our customers.



Providing medical benefits for employees is becoming more and more difficult for small and medium-sized businesses these days. Richardson Insurance works hand in hand with our customers to craft group medical/dental plans that work to fit their bottom lines and benefits their employees. 


In addition to Group Medical Plans, we also feature several commerical/business insurance solutions for operating a business on a daily basis. 


Give us a call today to discuss commercial insurance or group medical plans. Using Richardson Insurance for both enables our business customers to operate more efficiently by using one insurance agent to meet all of their needs. 

Home & Auto

Everyone needs protection from loss of property when it comes to home and automobile. We represent various insurance carriers to best suit our clients' needs when it comes to Home, Auto, Property and Casualty among many other options.  


After an initial meeting, one of our insurance professionals can suggest the best insurance option that fits the requested insurance coverage.



Voluntary Plans

We feature a wide variety of carriers to best suit our clients' needs when it comes to disability insurance needs, Long Term Care, among many other options.  


Following an initial consultation, a member of our insurance team will be able to tailor a plan that best suits the needs requested and be conscious of any budgetary constraints provided.



Individual Medical


​Contact Richardson Insurance to request a quote for individual coverage for a medical plan that will be compliant with all Affordable Care Act Guidelines, including Subsidy Eligibility and Guarantee Issue.* Our professional insurance team assists customers by walking them through these options among other individual plans available based upon their coverage needs and eligibility.


Everyone wants to stay healthy but should medical attention be needed, Richardson Insurance's comprehensive plans feature a broad network of providers. In reviewing this list with our customers, we're able to find medical plans that best suits their preferred coverage needs, including prescription plans, and budget. 


*Note: This coverage is not subject to pre-existing conditions, one's health history, gender or underwriting restrictions. Maternity is included. This plan does cover the 10 Essential Health Benefits as the law requires.

Senior Medical


Richardson Insurance works with our senior customers to find the most appropriate plan to suit their needs once they reach the age of 65.  


We assist our customers in filling in Medicare's gap in coverage through Medicare Supplement, Medicare Advantage and Medicare Part D prescription plans. 

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