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Business Solutions

The cost of operating a business is on the rise. And, in these lean times, every penny counts for business owners. Richardson Insurance has several insurance options to fit the needs of our small and medium-sized commercial customer. Whether searching for Group Medical, Workman's Compensation, or Commercial/Business Insurance policies, we work hand-in-hand with numerous insurance carriers to find the best solutions to meet our customers needs and staying within budget. By conducting business with one insurance agent for all commercial needs, that's one less appointment or meeting to attend and phone call to make - thus adding efficiency to your day!  

Group Medical

In today's economy, it's getting tougher and tougher to offer medical benefits to employees. However, in every line of work, employees are searching for desirable salaries and benefits. Therefore, to attract and retain the desired caliber of employee, it's important to be competitive and still retain profits for your bottom line. 


Employers can benefit from certain tax deductions by offering health benefits to their employees.


Richardson Insurance works with several insurance carriers who provide preferred medical and dental plans for employees. We also can assist in Health Savings Account options. 


Contact us today to discuss quotes for employer benefits for small or medium-sized businesses.


Operating a business can be risky but having the proper insurance in place helps lower those risks.


Richardson Insurance works with small and medium-sized businesses to provide a variety of coverage: Business Owner's Policy, General Liability Insurance, Workman's Compensation, Commercial Automobile, Professional Liability Insurance and a Commercial Umbrella Policy.


Our commercial agent reviews the best policy solution for our customers to suit their needs and budget. 


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